Hometapes holiday compilation

by Niklas Dec 13

So it’s christmas time again and we have once again recorded a christmas song for the annual Hometapes holiday compilation. This year we decided to write a new song instead of covering an old one like we have done before.
Niklas found an old christmas poem in swedish by Zacharias Topelius and we wrote a new song from the first verse of that. It’s called “Give Me No Splendour, Gold, or Pomp”. This is the first time we have recorded a song in swedish which is Niklas mother tounge.
You can download the compilation for free but if you like you can enter any amount and give to this year’s charitable organization, Megabolt, an independent organization that specializes in art projects and workshops for kids.

A Ride to Anywhere
Hometapes for the Holidays 2013

Track list:
01. Slaraffenland “Give Me No Splendour, Gold, or Pomp”
02. Leverage Models “Christmas Eve Can Kill You”
03. Ex Reyes “This Will Be Our Year”
04. Keith Sunset “All Lights”
05. CYNE “Mistletoe”
06. Ormonde “Silent Night”
07. Braveyoung “In the Bleak Midwinter”
08. Brad Laner “Holiday in Granada Hills (for small fake chamber ensemble)”
09. Adam Schatz and Ian Davis “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
10. Sunless “Somewhere In Our Memory”
11. Benjamin Bearclaw “Cold December Flies Away”
12. J D Emmanuel “Resonances Through Several Dimensions”
13. Helado Negro “Lentamente (mezcla julio2012)”
14. killer BOB “All I Want For Christmas Is Ewwwwww”

Download for free or donate any amount to benefit Megabolt. http://megabolt.org/

Download other Hometapes holiday albums:

Star Over (2012’s greatest hits comp): http://hometapes.bandcamp.com/album/star-over

The Never Ending Beginning (2011): http://theneverendingbeginning.bandcamp.com/

I’ll Be Hometapes For Christmas (2010): http://illbehometapesforchristmas.bandcamp.com/

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Summer & Roskilde festival

by Niklas Jul 02

Some of you might have heard that we have finished our next album and will release it sometime this fall. We will talk more about this later…

Right now we are enjoying the summer and Roskilde festival. The “Slaraffenland horns” (Niklas & Jeppe) made a guest appearance together with “The Group” (Casper Clausen, Greg Haines, Francesco Donadello, Andrea Belfi and Martyn Heyne) out on one of the camping area stages called “The Dome”.

If you’re at Roskilde you can hear Niklas & Jeppe play some more horns on Saturday when they make another guest appearance with the wonderfull Matthew E. White. We are really looking forward to playing with him and will post some pictures when we have them!

All the best!


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MOJO Magazine

by Niklas Jan 07

Hello everybody!

We apologize for the lack of updates here but there are actually a lot of things going on in Slaraffenland!

We have made a cover song for the January issue of MOJO Magazine. They have made a tribute issue to Fleetwood Macs legendary album Rumors and we got to make our own version of “Never Going Back Again”.
Rumors is one of our favorite records and we had a lot of fun making this cover!
There are some other great bands covering the other songs such as Yeasayer, Dutch Uncles and Liars.

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Shows (playing new songs) supporting Bowerbirds

by Christian Apr 18

Hey all

Next week we are starting a small tour supporting the amazing band Bowerbirds.

We will (almost) exclusively play new material that we have been working on for a long time now. We can’t wait to play it for you!
And we can’t wait to hear Bowerbirds again!

The tour takes us to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Brussels. Check the concert calendar for details.

And go “like” us on F-book to get all the latest info and tell us if you like the new stuff:-)


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Merry Christmas

by Niklas Dec 23

Here’s a small christmas video from all of us to all of you:-)

Also remember to listen to our christmas cover of Feliz Navidad!

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Copenhagen Show, dec 20th

by Niklas Dec 18


We are playing a show in copenhagen on tuesday. We will do our best to make it as christmasy as possible… Hope to see you there.

Place: KB18
Time: 9pm

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